A little about me

Dr Stephanie Gajus

I attended the Southwest College of
Naturopathic Medicine in Phoenix,
Arizona where I graduated with
honors in 2009. My undergraduate
studies were completed at The Ohio
State University where I received
a Bachelor of Science in Exercise
Science. Following medical school,
I underwent post-graduate training
with local cardiac specialists in
several of the leading hospitals
in the Phoenix area.

I was drawn to the medical
field at a young age. My passion
for exercise physiology as well as
preventative medicine lead me to
naturopathic medicine, where I felt
I could combine these passions
more fully. I have spent significant time training with top sports medicine physicians and therapists, which has provided me with the opportunity to provide further specialized care to athletes. I also use this combined knowledge to assist with initiating new cardiac rehabilitation techniques. As a naturopathic physician, I work
with a wide variety of patients in the primary care setting. I enjoy assisting with the restoration of
my patients’ health, but also encouraging prevention as the primary foundation.


The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in
Exercise Science

Southwest College of
Naturopathic Medicine
Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

Halo Animal Shelter

I donate $1 from the profits of
each patient transaction to the
Halo Animal Shelter, a local no-kill shelter. Animals have brought
me so much joy over the course of my life, and I would like to be able to give back what I can. I also believe that animals are powerful healers, and supporting them is as important as the help I provide people as a physician.

My Mission & Vision

My primary mission is to provide safe, effective, and comprehensive medical therapy in a manner that supports not only better health, but empowers patients to a higher purpose and self responsibility. In striving to re-unite the art of healing with the art of nature, greater respect for ourselves, others, and our environment will be advocated through our commitment to community service.

I seek to support the connection between humans and nature that re-establishes and enhances vitality through the seven fundamental laws of nature which are the foundation of naturopathic medicine:

1. Vital Force
It is a force always striving back toward balance.
Vis medicatrix mecure: the healing power of nature.

2. Unity of Disease
Health = Balance, Disease = Imbalance.

3. Doctrine of Signatures
We are all manifestations of something greater.

4. Individuality
No two people will ever have the same disease.

5. Suppression
Only agents of the human body can restore health.
One cannot poison someone to health.

6. Minimal Dose
Us the least input to get the most output.

7. Dual Effect
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.